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We help people with little to no technical skills, experience and/or time achieve their business goals.

We understand how difficult it can be when you need to set up your website, brand image and create strong marketing campaigns amongst others yet have little to no experience. Sadly, this is the stage where majority of today’s business owners give up or stay stuck on.

 FoxTasks takes away all your worry by doing all your marketing work for you. This includes creating a strong brand and professionally automating your business 

Our team consists of individuals with a great deal of experience in creating highly converting digital marketing campaigns. The technical and marketing experts create stunning websites and blogs,  capture (landing) pages, advanced sales funnels, email copywriting and much more. By doing this everyday, we understand better what it takes to convert leads into loyal customers.

FoxTasks was started to assist those who may not have the required technical skills, knowledge nor the time (busy parents? demanding dayjob?) to do these various tasks and link them all together to form a great e-business system.

The digital marketing industry is highly volatile but by carefully and constantly observing the market, we have developed an understanding of what works best at different times. This market knowledge and the resulting unique skillset developed has enabled us to constantly exceed expectations which we believe we can apply to help even more people succeed online.

Our Creations Are

Beautiful, Sharp & Responsive

We utilise great tools when making our creations which results in sharper images and text which look as sharp as they would in print. This is what you will find in the websites and everything else we develop. All users, no matter what devices they’re using, will be able to browse your pages without any lags due to the ‘responsive’ nature of both our sites and capture pages. Responsiveness in the ability to smoothly and automatically adjust what’s displayed according to screen size.


Fantastic customer service and support

At foxTasks, we value very highly each and every individual. Your satisfaction is our priority. When developing your work, we will liaise with you along each and every step of the way to make sure we produce work you really appreciate. We understand that everyone is unique and that your needs may differ from another. So everything we do is aimed to suit your vision.

We also provide

Free updates to creations

 Should something go wrong with your website (or work we’ve created), please inform our support team who will rapidly resolve any problems. As our customer our support team’s services will be available to you at no extra cost. Also, if you just need tweaks/changes to your work,  our developers will make these amendments for free.

In a nutshell,  we offer :

Sales funnels, capture pages and blogs/websites.

We deliver an out-of-this-world phenomenon. What sets us apart is our ability to create very modern, intuitive and engaging sites.

Banners, Logos and image design.

To make your brand and advert campaigns unforgettable, one of our expert designers will create fantastic designs for you.

Shopping integration to your site.

We can integrate a shopping option to your blog/website. Various payment types will be available for your buyers.

Account configurations.

We set up and configure various service based accounts to get them ready for immediate use.

… and a lot more (see SERVICES page for all)

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All in One Plans

All in one packages are bundled with all major requirements needed for a high end, top converting campaign.

We are proud to offer the best prices, for what you get and the quality of work we deliver.


$1000 /One off
  • 12 unique capture pages
  • 1 modern website (7 pages)
  • Or 1 Blog (7 page limit)
  • 1 Sales funnel
  • Email sequence write up (10)
  • E-Commerce functionality:  
  • Website backend integration:  
  • Website updates:     
  • Bespoke service:      
  • Extended support:   
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$550 /One off
  • 8 capture pages
  • 1 modern website (5 pages)
  • Or 1 Blog (5 page limit)
  • Sales funnel:  
  • Email sequence write up:  
  • E-Commerce functionality:  
  • Website backend integration:  
  • Website updates:      (30 days)
  • Bespoke service:      
  • Extended support:   
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$350 /One off
  • 5 capture pages
  • 1 modern website (3 pages)
  • Or 1 Blog (3 page limit)
  • Sales funnel:  
  • Email sequence write up:  
  • E-Commerce functionality:  
  • Website backend integration:  
  • Website updates:     
  • Bespoke service:      
  • Extended support:   
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Some of the singular services we offer. 

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🌟 Expect high Quality and very Competent products from us 🌟

Investing in great quality products cuts costs long term.

It is wiser to invest in great products that perform than to pay for cheaper and unreliable products which hardly work. In fact you would incur more costs later on due to the bad decision of choosing the less quality product/service. 

> How we compare to others – costwise.

By doing some research online, you’ll realise that the average cost of developing a modern website starts at $2000 for a very simple site with little to no features.  The cost quickly rises by the thousands once additional features such as having the option to sell products (an e-commerce) are implemented. Content population on a website by itself can cost between $500 – $2000, depending on how many pages. All these costs exclude anything additional such as the features we add to our all in one packages such as future site maintenance, customer support, hosting, FTP (database) costs etc.  To put things in perspective, our professional plan if done elsewhere would cost about $35,000 or more, but we are doing this for only $1500. 

References; example1, example 2, example 3

> Changing the game – cutting costs.

At foxTasks, we want to change the game by providing more for less. We will develop for you a competitive website with modern features, ecommerce functionality, maintenance and customer support etc. In addition to this, we would populate your site with content at the most affordable possible rates.

+ Sales funnel.

By purchasing our all in one plan, after developing your website/blog that’s well suited to a cause such as promoting a given product/service, we will then also build you a pro sales funnel. A sales funnel for the average person is the most complicated product to set up as it involves many sub webpages, video material, a lot of content and much more. A lot of thought and design also goes into the creation of a sales funnel and enough time should be put aside to research the market to understand which ideas are working best at a particular time as these fluctuate frequently. This is something we include in our packages to do for you, saving your a lot of time and energy. Done for you Sales funnels elsewhere cost a starting base price of $5000 for a very basic versions of a sales funnel, costs quickly increase as requirements increase.

+Capture pages.

In addition to the website/blog and sales funnel, we develop multiple, highly converting capture pages (also known as landing pages) which are state of the art. 


i.e. Back office setup, Web hosting and FTP set up, bespoke requests, site updates and maintenance etc. 

To conclude, we are offering you an unbeatable deal where you are paying for the best quality at a price you will not find anywhere else.  These are products that yield a high return on investment. Elsewhere, a similar developer and marketing expert would charge you at least $40,000+ to begin with but we want to be the best at what we do whilst offering the best prices in the industry. 


Months Old


Projects Completed


Happy Customers

foxTasks Team


Below is our management team. They oversee the running of things to ensure smooth and excellent delivery of your products. Our goal is customer satisfaction and to pave a success pattern for all our clients.

Taqi Tazwar
Taqi is our market research expert. He and his team explore the rapidly changing marketing trends and discover the best performing ones, then implementing these in our projects.
Antonio Robert
At foxTasks, Antonio is the lead programming consultant who oversees all programming projects and upskilling of developers.
Michael Ojay B.
Michael is our developer who specialises in Wordpress related tasks. He oversees all things Wordpress related.
Colin K.
I founded foxTasks to help people that found creating the tools for a successful online presence challenging. My goal is for us to able to do all the work required so as to free yourself of some time, while bringing in the results.
Our expertise

Based On Experience

foxTasks’ team uses all of our experience to build the most advanced services platform online that’s suited to everyone but mostly advertisers/marketers promoting a range of products via the internet.

This platform was developed after studying the factors that held majority of small business owners back from achieving much success online. 

Though our services are best suited to advertisers and internet marketers, anyone could benefit greatly from our services. Below we specify our current levels of expertise, but keep in mind that we are rising to your new challenges.

Skill set

Years of practice

Success since launch

Reach your potential with us

Create a good foundation & jumpstart your way to success

The only way to being successful online is ONE: providing a valuable solution to a problem, TWO: bringing that solution to market. Now the means with which you bring this product to market is where the challenge starts. How do you do it differently? How do you stay ahead of the competition? – You do this by pitching through a GREAT website, sales funnel, and capture page. But creating these 3 previously named products in a way that is different from what’s already out there is where we come in to help you do it.

 We create outstanding products that surpass the competition, resulting in more leads for you, and eventually more sales which = financial freedom. 

Be different

Stand out from the crowd with a spectacular online presence.

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We’re currently offering a 15% commission for referring a new customer to us. foxTasks offers 4 different price plan levels for you to promote; see pricing table above. If interested, please send us a message.


Expect unique custom made creations, that have proven to convert very highly in the marketplace!



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