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At foxTasks, we are passionate about design, especially building websites.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team places the customer’s needs first, resulting in a high satisfaction rate and some of the best work online.

Below are the types of websites we specialise in developing.

Please contact us for more discussion of requirements and a personal quote for the work.


Personal blogs

We understand that different people sometimes want their own sites (blogs) where they can best express themselves or share something with the world. Knowing this, we curate some of the best sites specific to an individual’s taste.

Niche blogs

We are very good at industry-specific research and can promise to deliver sites specific to any industry, market or interest. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us for a more detailed discussion.




If you own a business, or have an idea for a business and need a professional website to represent it, we would be delighted to build a one of a kind website to suit your brand, and separate you from the competition.


If you want to build an online store and are interested in having a compelling channel through which to sell your products; digital or physical, we would sort this out for you.



Ecommerce with additional features (local payment methods)

We understand that different markets come with different challenges. We can provide outstanding websites that meet your local requirements such as implementation of local payment methods unique to your country etc.

Marketplace websites

Need a site such as EBay, Amazon etc. through which other sellers can sell products to a community with added functionality such as split payments where a portion goes to the seller and you keep the rest? We can do this for you.



Shown below is some of the recent work we have developed. We are proud to say that the clients for whom these sites were built are very pleased with the outcome and have been continuing to grow their businesses as they’d intended.

Posh-st | Fashion.
A fantastic fashion website (e-commerce) based in Kenya that sells clothing in locally supported currency.
JIT | Multi – Agency.
A multi agency platform through which companies can hire staff under various agencies and service categories.
Brunel shop | Marketplace.
A university based portal through which students and staff members can purchase or exchange goods between each other.
foxTasks | Marketing agency
Created for ambitious entrepreneurs to provide complete ‘done for you’ services that otherwise would have been time consuming, difficult and expensive.

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